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In partnership with Portale Sardegna we have created quick and easy recipes to enjoy the best typical Sardinian products! Open the fridge in your flat and follow the instructions below.

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Mixed cold cuts and cheese platter with two bottles of white wine in the background

Sardinian aperitivo

The typical Sardinian aperitif in all its simplicity but richness of flavour: Guttiau bread baked in a wood-fired oven, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and salt; the ever-present seasoned Pecorino cheese accompanied by classic sausage and a Vermentino di Sardegna, the cornerstone of our wine tradition.

  • Arrange a piece of guttiau bread as a base for the dish
  • Cut the sausage into thin slices
  • Slice the pecorino cheese and divide it to your liking
  • Pour the vermentino into a goblet
  • Sit back and enjoy the sardinian aperitivo!
Kit ricetta malloreddus

Malloreddus with tomato sauce


Malloreddus are a traditional masterpiece of Sardinian cuisine. They are prepared with Sardinian gnocchetti, a ridged pasta format that can best accommodate this delicious sauce.

  • In a pot, bring water to a boil. Add salt and stir the water, pour the malloreddus into the pan and cook it according to package directions. Keep aside a glass of cooking water.
  • Pour the basil and tomato janas food sauce into a serving dish
  • Pour the malloreddus into the pan with the sauce, add the glass of water you have saved and finish cooking, stir everything well. Serve with a light sprinkling of seasoned pecorino cheese.