Crunchy cauliflower in oil, processed with care according to the traditional method and enriched with myrtle berries, the Sardinian aroma par excellence. A healthy and tasty recipe, suitable for those who love strong and authentic flavours but above all designed for those who are always looking for something new. A unique and original product that lends itself as the protagonist of tasty appetisers and side dishes or as a dressing for delicious first and second courses.


Cauliflower, olive oil, vinegar, salt, myrtle berries.



Cauliflower, a crunchy and tasty winter vegetable, meets the aroma of Sardinian myrtle berries in a refined combination of strong and authentic flavours. The artisanal processing is carried out entirely by hand, respecting the old traditional recipes that call for the exclusive use of natural flavourings such as olive oil, vinegar and salt. Myrtle, also known as Sardinia’s black gold, perfumes and flavours our cauliflower in oil, making it unique. We are bringing to the table one of Sardinia’s finest products that, thanks to its preparation, amazes even those who do not like this vegetable. As a side dish or appetiser, our delicious proposal will be perfect for any occasion. Give your imagination free rein and savour the taste of authentic local authenticity.