Grilled aubergines prepared by skilled hands according to the traditional recipe. All the intense and appetising taste of one of the most famous vegetables of Italian gastronomy. Thanks to the selection of the raw materials and the careful artisan processing, we are able to bring to your table the incomparable aromas and flavours of the past. A dressing, a side dish or an appetizer all in one special product.


sardinian aubergines, organic sunflower oil (30% on total ingredients), 100% italian extra virgin oil, parsley, pepper, sardinian vinegar, sardinian salt, fresh lemon, garlic



The artisanal processing of seasonal Sardinian aubergines, seasoned only with natural flavourings, makes it possible to obtain a genuine and healthy product that brings with it the fragrance and taste of summer. The intense fragrance is an invitation to be surprised by their delicate flavour, the grilling carried out by expert artisans gives them a unique characteristic taste. These grilled aubergines in oil are ideal as a side dish for fish dishes, delicious in pancakes and omelettes and can also be combined with cheese to make a light and tasty parmigiana. Let your imagination run wild and be amazed by their versatility in the kitchen.