One of the most popular Italian specialties is certainly spaghetti with squid ink. A fish dish with an intense and refined taste that encompasses all the scent of the sea. To bring this profound flavour to your table, we thought of making a homemade recipe that would be fresh and quick. By adding squid ink directly to the dough, we have obtained a colourful, tasty and easy-to-prepare spaghetti.


Durum wheat semolina, squid ink, water.


The best thing to do when preparing a seafood dish like this is to pair it with an excellent white wine to enhance its characteristics. We suggest an excellent bottle of Cala Reale.



This delicious specialty originated on the tables of Venetian and Sicilian fishermen and, over time, has become a symbol of the creativity and excellence of ancient Italian gastronomic traditions. Its unique colouring, due to the presence of squid ink inside the dough, still intrigues palates all over the world and then enchants them with a distinctive and strong taste that encompasses all the richness of the flavours of the Italian sea. We produce these delicious spaghetti according to the traditional procedure, taking care of the complex processing steps to ensure that you can make delicious recipes quickly and easily. Try these spaghetti with a sauce made from fresh chopped tomatoes fried for a few minutes in extra virgin olive oil, a couple of cloves of garlic, parsley, a pinch of pepper and a glass of white wine.

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