To explain the love and passion with which these saffron malloreddus are made, we would have to take you in front of our artisans as they work the dough and create these delicious works of art. Just by looking at their faces, their movements and their precise techniques, you will be able to understand why this priceless Sardinian pasta contains all the taste of the goodness and genuineness of the land.


Durum wheat semolina, saffron, water.


Excellent with extra virgin olive oil



From small balls of pasta crushed on the classic Sardinian basket, malloreddus also commonly called Sardinian gnocchetti come to life. The typical handmade ribbed pattern, which has been passed down through the generations by the skillful hands of the island’s women, encapsulates all the flavour of the goodness and authenticity of the land. Ingredients such as water, flour and durum wheat semolina create a special product and the addition of Sardinian saffron helps to make this food characteristic and unique. Sardinian saffron, recognised as a PDO product, is a precious spice which, combined with the excellent dough, gives a delicate straw colour and an intense and extraordinary flavour. Seasoned with our beloved Campidanese sauce, or with flavoured melted pecorino creams, they will leave anyone who tastes this perfect combination speechless. Combine this with an excellent red wine and a good dose of company to bring the magic of authentic traditions to the table and make every day a little bit special.