Tradition, passion for the territory and love for the family are the characteristics that have always driven the women of Sardinia to create incredible works of semolina pasta such as the famous malloreddus, also known as Sardinian gnocchetti. Their strictly handmade processing and the careful selection of raw materials make this product unique in its kind, loved and chosen in the rest of Italy and abroad.


Durum wheat semolina, water.



Hundreds of years ago, housewives gave life to this wonderful Sardinian pasta. In their homes, they used to prepare the dough composed of water, flour and wheat semolina with the healthy and genuine products of the land, forming small balls of pasta which were then pressed against a typical straw basket. This intuition gave rise to Sardinia’s best-known and best-loved pasta, for its particular shape but above all for its goodness and authentic taste of food excellence. The typical grooving of handmade Sardinian malloreddus allows the sauce to be retained and makes them perfect for any type of sauce. The unique and decisive flavour, the consistency of the pasta and the taste of the genuine ingredients make this product loved by palates all over the world. Seasoned with our beloved Campidanese sauce, or with our tasty boar meat, goat and lamb sauces, they will leave anyone who tastes this perfect combination speechless. Combine this with a good red wine and a good dose of company, and you can bring the magic of authentic traditions to the table and make every day a little bit special.