Lorighittas, a typical Sardinian pasta, is made up of small hand-braided rings, which require patience and meticulousness: from a long spaghetti of fresh semolina pasta, double helix shapes are made to obtain wonderful rings. It takes 4 to 5 hours of manual work per kg of product to make them.



Lorighittas, are a Traditional Agri-food Product PAT of Sardinian pasta. This type of pasta, with its characteristic ring or interlaced earring shape, is completely handmade and is typical of the village of Morgongiori. The ancient tradition of preparing lorighittas using only water, durum wheat semolina flour and salt, requires a good deal of manual work: normally, four to five hours of manual work are needed to produce one kg of product. After processing, the Lorighittas are closed and placed in su caisteddu (basket). They are left to dry for three days to a whole week, depending on the season. Once dried, the dough is ready to be packed for sale or displayed in wicker baskets. The traditional placing in the basket recalls ornamental motifs typical of crochet filet decoration.

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