This delicious typical Sardinian pasta is the perfect combination of durum wheat semolina, spinach and dehydrated tomatoes. These ingredients, combined with the wisdom of our artisans, create a unique and exceptional product such as our spring malloreddus. They are not only distinctive in taste but also to the eye. Their distinctive green, red and yellow colour will appeal to young and old pasta lovers alike.



Durum wheat semolina, dehydrated spinach, dehydrated tomato, water.



Just like a precious painting needs inspiration, our tricolour malloreddus were made through the creative ability of our artisans who, observing the territory, had the intuition to combine the precious dough with other ingredients of the land such as spinach and tomatoes. A fantastic combination of colours and flavours that enchant palates all over the world. The typical handmade grooves, which have been passed down through the generations by the skillful hands of the island’s women, help to retain the sauce and make them perfect for all sauces. This tasty and colourful variant will be the star of your first courses: in winter or summer, our Sardinian gnocchetti will amaze you and your guests. With the classic and much-loved Campidanese sauce or flavoured melted pecorino creams, combined with an excellent red wine and a good dose of company, you will create a wonderful magic.