The authentic taste of Sardinian charcuterie in a unique and tasty product, processed according to the traditional method and flavoured with the natural aromas of the ancient local recipe. Pork cheek lard encapsulates all the passion for the territory and the love for a craft handed down from generation to generation. Its intense flavour and meaty texture make it perfect for seasoning numerous typical Sardinian dishes and for adding flavour and colour to healthy, wholesome starters. Valuable as a dressing for pasta or to flavour special soups. If you want to surprise your guests, we recommend cutting a thin slice of our special guanciale, placing it on a sheet of carasau bread and heating it in the oven for a few minutes. The surprising result will be a delicious sin of gluttony.


Pork, salt, natural flavourings, spices.


Recommended wines for pairing are Cannonau di Sardegna and Carignano.




Sardinian check lard is a salami made from the cheek and throat of the pig, a cut of meat with a lean grain and a valuable fat component. It is traditionally processed in three distinct phases, the secrets of which have been handed down through generations. Specific techniques such as salting, peppering and pressing are the winning weapons to bring a unique and special product to the table. The intense and tasty flavour and the meaty consistency of the meat are an invitation to be surprised by a salami that contains the precious history of a territory. Perfect served on a tray accompanied by cheeses or as a tasty ingredient in pasta dishes, soups or main courses, this exquisite cheek of Sardinian tradition is undoubtedly a culinary heritage that enchants both young and old lovers of good food.