All the unique taste and smell of Sardinian ham, carefully processed according to the traditional method. Produced from carefully selected pork legs and flavoured with only natural local flavourings. Delicate and tasty at the same time, it is perfect for aperitifs and appetizers, served on a crunchy base of carasau bread and accompanied by cheese, vegetables in oil and red wine. A unique and special product appreciated by both small and big lovers of the Italian culinary tradition.



In Sardinia, small agricultural centres are the cradle of great gastronomic traditions: places where some of the island’s most appreciated and sought-after cured meats are produced. The secret of this success lies in the care with which the meat is processed, in the authentic ingredients of the traditional recipes and in the mountain winds which, thanks to a unique microclimate and the continuous change of air, give the cured meats their unique flavours and aromas during the seasoning process. The pork legs are selected and processed during the cold months according to ancient methods: the hand massaging of the meat and the seasoning of more than a year give life to a perfect balance between taste and consistency. Tasty and delicate at the same time, this fine raw ham is particularly appreciated accompanied by a good red wine and a crunchy sheet of carasau bread.

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