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Bread baked in wood-fired ovens according to the ancient traditional recipe, naturally leavened for over 12 hours in linen and cotton cloth. Its special processing gives it lightness and digestibility, fragrance and taste that make it unique. This prized Sardinian bread is perfect as a base for vegetable and cheese creams or to accompany a selection of cold meats and pickles.


Durum wheat semolina, water, brewer's yeast.



Very thin sheets of toasted bread, so crisp that they produce a particular sound when broken and because of this unique characteristic, it is also called “music paper”. For centuries it has been the essential nourishment of shepherds on long journeys where, unable to carry much cargo, they also used it as a dish for their meals. A product with multiple qualities: from its long conservation to its practical use, it has been and continues to be a protagonist of Sardinian gastronomy. It is easy to answer the most common question: how do you eat carasau bread? Thanks to its versatility, it is perfect on its own as a simple snack, as a base for vegetable creams or is a perfect substitute for the classic serving tray for cold meats and cheeses. There are no limits to this special Sardinian crunchy bread.

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