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Sardinian cheese of cow’s milk, produced with a double processing that gives the paste a soft and compact structure. This particular pear-shaped product, also known as provola sarda, is a lovable cheese with a sweet and delicate taste. A healthy and genuine food, also appreciated by children for its soft texture. Ideal for eating at the table or melted on a warm sheet of carasau bread.


Whole cow's milk, liquid bovine rennet, rennet graft, milk enzymes and salt.



Small in shape, big in goodness: this is the Sardinian peretta cheese, a traditional cow’s milk cheese loved by young and old alike thanks to its inviting soft and compact texture and its sweet and delicate flavour. To obtain such a special and at the same time genuine product, its raw material is selected and processed following a careful and strict preparation that develops in two phases: in the first one, the cheesemaking takes place thanks to the rennet coagulation and in the second one, the spinning, the curd is brought to a temperature that gives the dough a fibrous and elastic consistency. Once it has lost its thin, straw-yellow rind, it can be enjoyed in a number of dishes: at the end of a meal, melted and placed on a crunchy sheet of carasau bread, or as a tasty stringy topping for aubergine parmigiana. On a chopping board with cured meats or melted to release its aroma, this lovely cheese is a product that lends itself to being a trusty companion in the kitchen.