Long-ripening pecorino cheese, produced exclusively with Sardinian milk from a very short supply chain. Its intense and slightly spicy flavour makes it a unique and exceptional product. It is perfect grated on hot first courses or made the star of special serving trays based on cured meats and earthy delicacies.



This long-ripened Sardinian sheep’s milk pecorino is another island specialty that deserves to be on the list of typical Sardinian products of excellence. Not just a cheese, but a real delicacy that is hard to forget. In fact, this delicacy of the island’s culture encompasses all the intense and strong taste and flavour of a characteristic, slightly spicy product that lingers in the mind of those who taste it. The paste is compact and not very eye-catching, semi-hard and ivory-white in colour, tending to straw-coloured as it matures. One of the matured cheeses that deserves to be on the table is certainly this product, which is perfect to be presented as an ingredient of an appetizer with cold cuts, vegetables in oil and bread carasau, or grated on hot dishes to make even more inviting and tasty the pasta, queen of the Italian tradition.