The Fiore Sardo cheese is one of the most renowned and recognised Sardinian excellences in the world. This spectacular Sardinian pecorino boasts the prestigious recognition of Slow Food Presidium. A high quality organic product with a strong and slightly spicy flavour made only from the milk of wild Sardinian sheep. A treasure of the island’s dairy tradition appreciated by palates all over the world.


Sardinian sheep's milk, lamb's rennet, salt, treated in a crust of olive oil, smoked with wood from local trees, made from raw milk.


Recommended wines for pairing are Cannonau di Sardegna and Carignano.




Precious peonies and elegant asphodel flowers were engraved on the bottom of the wooden molds that in the past held the seasoning of this prized Sardinian cheese. A product of excellence obtained through the careful traditional processing of milk from sheep raised in the wild. This is how Fiore Sardo got its name, a thousand-year-old cheese made from raw milk, lamb rennet and salt, smoked over local wood, matured in natural cellars and finally treated with olive oil. This organic cheese is clearly made without the use of freeze-dried grafts, with a natural cap and self-produced rennet.  
The care, dedication and passion employed in its production make it possible to produce a food that more than any other embodies the history of Sardinia and the spirit with which its inhabitants create such genuine and sought-after products. 
An authentic treasure of the island’s dairy tradition, with ancient roots but capable of conquering contemporary taste: in 1996 it was awarded the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), and later obtained the prestigious recognition of Slow Food Presidium.
Its rustic, edgy and strong aroma, its slightly spicy flavour make it the star of many starred dishes. If you add to this particular and special product a crispy sheet of carasau bread and a delicious glass of Cannonau di Sardegna, you will have a meal with a unique intensity of taste and aroma.