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Soft, salted and lightly smoked sheep’s milk ricotta cheese, produced with Sardinian milk from a very short supply chain. This particular ricotta mustia, as it is called in our Sardinian land, is a product much loved by its islanders and now known and appreciated in the rest of the world. To make a unique and original dish, you can enjoy it in thin slices, dressed with a golden drizzle of our extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkling of our ground mullet roe, or crumbled to give more flavour to the classic salad, and even use it as a base for cakes and tarts.


Sheep's milk, sheep whey, salt, liquid smoke.



After drying, this particular type of ricotta cheese is dry-salted and smoked over mastic and wild olive wood, giving it a distinctive flavour, with hints of undergrowth, which is aromatic but at the same time delicate. This special seasoned ricotta becomes the protagonist of original dishes, alone or accompanied by other ingredients, it is a tasty alternative if you want to offer the pleasant flavour of the Sardinian culinary tradition. Produced according to the typical craftsmanship, it gives your recipes the scents of nature and the genuine flavours of the past. Enjoy it in thin slices, placed on crunchy carasau bread and dressed with a drizzle of fragrant extra virgin olive oil, or crumbled to give an original touch to the classic salad. Little secrets to make your dishes great.