Among Italian honeys, strawberry tree honey is recognised worldwide as the rarest and most prized. Because of its particular flavour, far from the classic honey taste, this creamy, spreadable consistency surprises the palates of those who consume it for the first time. Due to its characteristic and unique slightly bitter taste and its high anti-inflammatory power, this special Sardinian honey is rare, valuable and of limited production.


Italian Honey



This precious honey is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after in the world because of its characteristic flavour, which is extremely difficult to describe. In some ways, it recalls the scent of ground coffee or ivy leaves, an intense and unique taste that is hard to forget for those who try it for the first time. Its limited production is restricted to regions where temperatures are mild enough for bees to survive in the autumn. This is why its production is concentrated almost exclusively in Sardinia, where cistus, myrtle, thistle and asphodel are found. This rare and prized honey found its first admirers in the times of Cicero and Virgil who, in their writings, paid homage to this fine and soft honey. In addition to its magical taste, Sardinian arbutus honey is also very popular because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific studies in fact show its high concentration of antioxidants compared to all other honeys. In ancient times it was used as a natural remedy for sore throats, urinary tract problems and other minor ailments. Today, in areas where traditions are sacred, it is still popular with local grandmothers, who always remind us how good this wonderful gift of nature is for our health. As well as possessing numerous beneficial properties, it is also invaluable in the kitchen, starring in super-starred dishes. Perfect for its slightly bitter taste, this rare honey is often used to offer contrasts with sweet cheeses, to transform ricotta cheese into a delicious dessert or to accompany bitter vegetables such as cardoons and artichokes. A precious product with multiple qualities that must be consumed.

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