One of the best-known and best-loved Sardinian sweets, in which local and genuine ingredients such as sugar and bitter almonds come together in a delicious harmony of flavours and textures. These special Sardinian macaroons are distinguished from the classic, commercial ones by their special soft texture. Prepared according to a meticulous traditional recipe, baked and packaged by hand.


weet almonds, bitter almonds, sugar, eggs (egg white). Natural flavouring: lemon peel



On the basis of one of the most famous and appreciated Sardinian sweets in the world there is an enchanting play of contrasts. A soft heart enclosed in a slightly crunchy casket, the sweetness of sugar and the slightly bitter note of fresh almonds. These timeless macaroons, carefully crafted by our artisans, represent excellence of taste in a single sweet. A harmony of scents and flavours that will win over palates of all ages. Meticulously handmade, the dough is soft and light enough to be appreciated by adults and children alike. A soft and tender macaroon, perfect for every occasion: ideal for preparing desserts with macaroons, for a healthy snack or to accompany tea and coffee. Let yourself be amazed by this ancient confectionery tradition.