A Sardinian confectionery specialty made from selected raw materials and craftsmanship that offers the right harmony combining the delicacy of the dough, the strong taste of walnuts and sultanas and a sugar glaze with a balanced sweetness.


Flour, lard, sultanas, sugar, walnuts, almonds, candied orange and lemon cubes, eggs, salt, aniseed.



Sardinian papassini are a specialty of our beloved island that for centuries has filled the cold days that mark the passage from autumn to winter with colour and sweetness. These sweets are enriched with dried fruit and embellished with a decorated sugar icing, which used to be made during the All Saints’ Day period but have become increasingly common throughout the year. The recipe for these cakes differs according to the area of production, like any secret that has become part of the soul of a territory. Their taste and smell awakens the senses, stirs up emotions, feelings and stimulates the desire for sweet togetherness. Just as in times gone by, let’s stop for a second, leave aside the hectic routine and let ourselves be lulled, in the company of our loved ones, by these spectacular papassini by our grandmother while, between a chat and a laugh, we sip together a delicious glass of Sardinian myrtle.