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Delicious Sardinian almond sweets with a soft texture and a delicate lemon scent. A tasty temptation made with genuine ingredients and according to the traditional recipe, perfect to accompany tea time and enjoy a sweet break.


Almonds, sugar, honey, vanillin, rum, natural flavouring.



Sardinian sighs used to be made and eaten on our island during festivals, ceremonies and anniversaries, and even today they are still an essential part of many occasions. Since ancient times, these delicious almond pralines have been considered an essential bonbon on the tray of mixed sweets. In fact, thanks to their special packaging – often made of coloured tissue paper – they bring life and character to more sober desserts. And indeed, these little cakes are a feast for all the senses: the pleasure of unwrapping them to reveal their heady lemon scent, the soft texture of the almond paste that enchants the palate with its unique taste. These special Sardinian wedding cakes and desserts are prepared following the oldest traditional recipes with care and respect. To involve you too in this fantastic festive world, rediscovering the scents and flavours of childhood, we use only high quality ingredients. Small healthy and genuine confectionery works, to be enjoyed on any occasion.