Medium-fine wholemeal sea salt, obtained by the simple evaporation of sea water and an artisanal process that allows its valuable organoleptic properties to remain intact. The scent and taste reveal the aromatic note of myrtle berries and leaves.


Whole sea salt, myrtle berries and leaves.



The sun’s rays pass through the crystal clear waters of the Sardinian sea, bringing to light a treasure known and used in kitchens all over the world: salt. Unlike salt refined by industrial processes, our whole sea salt is obtained by simply evaporating seawater, a delicate process that keeps intact the natural content of minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iodine, fundamental allies of our health. This is why Sardinian wholemeal sea salts have been recognised as Traditional Italian Agri-foodstuffs by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, because they are obtained using artisanal methods that respect the environment and human health. This medium-fine wholemeal salt, hand-picked in the uncontaminated lagoons of Sant’Antioco and dried using artisanal procedures without the addition of additives, retains its natural moisture and all the trace elements present in seawater, bringing to your table all the unique fragrance and aroma of Sardinian myrtle berries and leaves. Suitable for all uses in the kitchen, from daily table consumption to the preparation of traditional recipes based on meat and fish, up to more elaborate preparations.