The Sardinian liqueur par excellence, known all over the world and appreciated by even the most demanding palates thanks to its unique aroma. Ideal at the end of a meal for its digestive and invigorating qualities, straight or as an ingredient in original and refined cocktails.


Hydro-alcoholic infusion of myrtle berries (alcohol, myrtle berries, water), water, sugar, alcohol.



The scent of the Mediterranean vegetation, a unique taste, an ancient history, a dark yet sweet and nuanced soul: if myrtle liqueur has become one of the symbols of Sardinia, it is because it encapsulates the essence of this extraordinary island. To produce a liqueur of the highest quality, Janas Food selects the best myrtle berries from Logudoro. After being carefully screened, the berries are infused and macerated in a hydro-alcoholic solution in stainless steel basins for about two months. The infusion thus obtained is separated from the fruit, filtered and stored in basins at a constant, controlled temperature to preserve all the organoleptic properties and the purity of the aromas. Thanks to its digestive properties, it is ideal to be consumed fresh at the end of a large meal, and is perfect to accompany traditional Sardinian desserts. Today, thanks to the creativity of experts in the sector, it is also used as an ingredient in fresh, sophisticated cocktails.

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