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Sincaru is a Cannonau produced by Vigne Surrau, an award-winning wine that originates in the territory of Arzachena, in northern Sardinia. Its name in Sardinian means sincere, straightforward. A ruby red wine with a bouquet of ripe red fruits and aromatic notes of Mediterranean vegetation.


Sincaru goes well with red meat dishes and mature cheeses.

VINECannonau 100%
COLOURRuby red with light garnet reflections
FLAVOURSoft, warm, full-bodied
CLASSIFICATIONCannonau di Sardegna DOC
BOUQUETIntense aroma of red fruits with spicy notes reminiscent of Mediterranean vegetation.
reminiscent of Mediterranean vegetation.
AGEINGResting for a few months in cement basins and Slavonian oak barrels of large capacity.
VINIFICATIONIn stainless steel basins for 16-18 days at a controlled temperature, during which daily pumping-over and punching-down are carried out to allow daily pumping over and punching down to allow the balanced extraction of polyphenolic substances. The transformation of malic acid into lactic acid takes place immediately after the fermentation
WINERYVigne Surrau