Prodotti tipici della Sardegna

Janas typical Sardinian products were created with the desire to spread the culture of good and healthy food. In an increasingly automated world where the quality of the dishes is increasingly lacking, our typical products of excellence aim instead to preserve the quality of the highly selected ingredients and the precious processing carried out manually by locally-loving artisans. Sardinian Janas Food artisan products preserve all the taste and authenticity of natural foods processed without the addition of additives and with only local resources, thus respecting nature and its rhythms. The tradition and the devotion for the consolidated processing are interwoven with the study of new recipes where old and new mix flavours and scents which are unique in their kind. In addition to the sale of typical Sardinian food products, our website also offers a series of special recipes for healthy eating that include reinterpretations of traditional Sardinian dishes in which the undisputed protagonists are always the ingredients and the highest quality raw materials. It is now recognized by various studies why Sardinia has a large number of centenarians who are still lucid and independent: the quality of the food. In our products you can find the island that everyone praises for its climate and its uncontaminated territory. A line of products of excellence in which it is possible to taste the best Sardinian cheeses, the exquisite lightness of the handmade pane carasau and many other Sardinian specialties considered the best on the market.